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“As well as my symptoms having completely gone, my energy has improved drastically. I was struggling to get up before, without realising what the problem was. I now get up at 6.30am, ready to go! I also now feel properly educated, and know what the good bits are to take from books. Oh, and I realised recently that I have not had my usual hay fever at all this year!” (Male, 30s - digestive issues, low energy)

"Dear Sarah, my digestive problems have gone and I feel so much better generally. My life is moving in strides towards a future even brighter still." (Male, 40s - intolerance to many different foods, and dry mouth)

"I wanted to thank you as I've seen a definite improvement of my skin. I have barely had any acne since I started and the redness has died down somewhat. I feel more confident and I'm so pleased I have some control over the symptoms!" (Female, 20s - Rosacea)

"I feel so much better, and feel normal again. I have never had such energy." (Female, 60s - low energy, low immune system)

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