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What about genes? Do they not determine our health, now and in the future?

We all have many different genetic polymorphisms which we inherit from our parents. These may predispose us to certain diseases (alternatively, they may protect us from others). You may have heard recently about people getting individual reports done. There are many companies out there testing genetic profiles. These are of course interesting and useful to know about, but there is usually no guarantee that if you are predisposed to a particular condition, that this will definitely manifest itself, now or in the future. Research has shown that what determines whether certain genes are 'expressed' or not is mainly down to something called epigenetics, in other words, our diet, lifestyle and environment. Put another way, genetics loads the gun, whilst environment pulls the trigger.

A Note about Genes. Hamburger Weilding Gun

Therefore what is important is how your body is functioning right now. This can be determined obviously by current state of health and any symptoms, as well as various functional tests. Examples of these would include testing nutrient levels, essential fatty acids (and therefore levels of inflammation in body, which is the root cause of most chronic diseases), adrenal stress tests, comprehensive thyroid tests and other hormonal tests. For instance sex hormones such as oestrogen, progesterone, DHEA and testosterone. Please ask about these if interested.

If acting on the results and making changes, some symptoms are just still there, it can be useful to get some genetic profiling done, which may explain why you may actually need more or less of a particular nutrient, to compensate for the individual differences in your genes, and various biochemical pathways.

REMEMBER! We may well be able to modulate our genetics expression through diet and supplements.

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