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What to expect from a consultation?

Prior to the initial appointment you will be provided with a 3-day food diary and pre-consultation questionnaire. Then the consultation, lasting up to about an hour and a half, involves a discussion of your current goals, an analysis of your dietary and nutritional intake, as well as a detailed health and family case history.

Symptoms will be linked to nutritional imbalances, and there will be encouragement to change diet and lifestyle. A personalised action plan, realistic and achievable, and suitable for your individual lifestyle, will be written out for you. There may also be a recommendation for non-invasive, clinical tests, to help ascertain any suspected underlying conditions.

Follow-up consultations

Follow-up consultations, lasting about one hour, are generally after four to six weeks in order to monitor progress and give further support. Results from any tests will be analysed and supplements may be recommended. Further follow-ups may be required depending on each individual situation.


The first consultation, which includes the pre-consultation research: £120 (up to one and a half hours).
Follow-up sessions: £80 (one hour).

The pre-consultation questionnaire needs to be returned to Sarah in time for her to analyse it and if necessary, do any extra research. If possible, please ensure that you complete and return this form no later than three working days before your appointment.

*Additional costs for supplements, and private testing, if required.


One hour accompanied shopping around As Nature Intended, Planet Organic or Wholefoods, or a store of your choice, helping you make the right food choices towards your health goals. Cost: £80 for one hour.

24 hours' notice please for cancellations.

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