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Nutritional Therapy in the City of London (Site currently being upgraded - please bear with us if it looks a bit strange for a while (10/2/17))

The practice will be based in a clinic in a new natural health centre in the City, called The Light Centre, near Monument station (opening April 2017).
Address: The Light Centre, 36 St Mary at Hill, London EC3R 8DU

Location map*
If you wish, you can also enjoy healthy refreshments in the cafe, and take part in a yoga or Pilates class

*Consultations may still be had before April, in my existing clinic nearby, in Wapping, East London. Contact Sarah for details

Contact details: info@sarahstokesnutrition or 07957 588624
Contact me by phone or e mail, or use this form: *

Are you confused about conflicting information you may have heard in the media?

It is understandable that you are unsure as to exactly what to eat.

My name is Sarah and I am a Registered Nutritional Therapist (registered with BANT and CNHC - see Qualifications)

As I keep up to date with the latest studies and information, I can help you make the right choices. Often, small changes in your diet may lead to big changes in your health. My clients have said that my advice has changed their lives and brought measurable results. I have a lifelong love of cooking, and am constantly trying new, tasty and healthy recipes to share with you. Therefore within a tailor made dietary and lifestyle plan, I can provide appropriate menu ideas and recipes

What exactly can I help you with?

Issues that I deal with include:

* Gut health

Perhaps you have problems with bloating, gas, allergies, headaches or other gut related issues

* Skin health

You would like to know how to help eliminate eczema, acne or psoriasis, or other inflammatory conditions

* Weight loss and blood sugar balancing

You may experience weight gain, cravings, and the stress associated with this, and need clear and simple ideas to combat these

* Inflammation and immune balance

Inflammation is at the root of all chronic diseases, such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Learn how to reduce this, which will in turn improve your mood as well. Also how to support your immune system to keep infections away and balance it so as to address allergies and autoimmune conditions

* Women's health - balancing hormones

You may suffer from PMS symptoms, or PCOS or endometriosis. You may want help with natural fertility. Or you may be coming up to or going through the menopause, and would like to manage this as naturally and easily as possible.

*Anti-ageing and long term health

Perhaps you want to feel and look as well and as young as possible, for as long as possible! To sleep well and experience plenty of energy throughout the day.

If you would like to arrange a consultation, see The Consultation

On the other hand, would you like to see a clear and concise, in depth report of exactly how your body is functioning?

A profile called NutrEval, tests for overall functional nutritional status, via blood and urine. It shows a huge variety of biochemical markers, which determine the need for certain vitamins and minerals and other nutrients. The test can provide insight into disease risk, gastrointestinal function (including levels of problematic bacteria in the gut), essential fatty acid assessment (that affects cellular communication and inflammation), toxic metal exposure and antioxidant reserves (to give an idea of how much the body is ageing). See NutrEval profile for more information about this truly personalised functional test

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